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One day, i received a notice in the group of friends that playing sports game together.
The notice is about a coming basketball competition named Seven Star Women’s Basketball Competition 2015 that held in Puchong.

Without thinking much, I agreed to participate the match without knowing what the game actually is and who is my team.
I wanted to fill in my time with something before i left to Korea.

At first, i’m like a person joining the team just to fill in the quota to make it 12 people a team.
other than the few was from my sport’s frens, i dunno anybody and never see them before.
i was not active in this new group chat.. because i know myself that i am not a very good basketball player.
better to keep quiet in front those professional right?

there’s few training i absent because i really social anxiety and im scare meeting people that showing how noob i am.
for the first time i attended, i saw them was so powerful and lot of ohm! honestly, im scare! hahahaha!
i scare to playing in the field with them because my stamina is like sucks! probably will like make them lose. i hate that feel!

however, after few time meeting each other, they actually funny guys! like seriously funny~

the match was held in puchong, and for the first round we have 4 games to play.
in other words, we have to travel all the way to puchong just to play that 45mins games.
everyone after work, jam all the way to fight! so spiritual!
and never know that, the other team was contain few country or state players.
erm well, our team also got la.. but lack of training? hahaha!

This competition contain of 5 groups of basketball team which is
Seven Star, Scorpion, Ex-Petaling, UiTM and us-Striker!

during the match, we this group of old people~ got hurts every time.
stamina like sucks, skill is bad, technique none, … hahahhaa!
ever wonder how we got 3rd runner up? hahaha! thanks to our players that contributes the most to the team!


How we start getting closer to each other? i guess was the first time we gather for sing k in group?
not very sure actually. but people just friendly,funny and sampat all the time! and i think thats the key that pull everyone together.

They are really awesome guys! i really feel grateful to have them.
we know each other like 1 or 2 months? but, time is not the key point..
the matter is how we treat each other with heart!

12 + 1 members.. STRIKER always!


Chloe’s Wedding

Among jimuis, this is the first one to get married! BoA!!! Congrats…..
ok, actually her wedding was months ago and I updated only now~ hahahahha!!

This is the first time i be bridesmaid of friend!
hmmm, im happy with that but not happy that i have to wear dress AGAIN~ uh..
okok, skip that part!

her wedding is held in her hometown – Lahad Datu, Sabah.
yes, SABAH!! I, together with others 3 that used to be housemate when we are university, go all the way to sabah!!
wah, we are awesome right?! hahahaha!!

We are jimuis, means we have to help out a lil for the wedding to make it better.
never less that jimui playing heng dai before the groom meets the bride.
After getting the bride, we actually honing the car and go around the central of LD in team of hilux?
and then we only reached to the groom house.


The wedding dinner held at the next night..
we are the reception of the night! OMG~ that’s hell to me..
we have to handle like around 300 people with mostly aunties uncles…
and we have to give out all those gifts to them marking their names and table number
ok wat a mess, and at the same time im pretty scare my face to become mess as well!! but luckily my face still there! hahaha!

the hall was full of people!!!
the gap between table and table is really really small..
and yes, its quite warm inside with that packed.
just hoping the dinner can be ended asap and i wanna take pic with the new wed!!!!


the moment of the night!!
we are the “VIP” from KL so we able wait till the very end to take as many picture as we can with them!
but actually we have to wait ppl to fetch us back to the place we stay! xD

im happy for them!! and soon, chloe baby’s baby is coming out soon! oooohhhhh…..
hope the baby is healthy and beautiful!!! (i hope the baby cant hear that as in baby is 小氣 ^^’)


Days in Hospital

That was not the first time i admitted to hospital. Back to the first time when i was seven.

A little brief for my first time.
That time i got a high fever and suspected denggi so immediately my parent sent me to the branded hospital named Gleneagle.
After one night of observation, I’m not denggi but chicken pox and at the same time as what chinese people say 出痲.
and here 2 nights in the hospital and chicheng.. 1k bill.

This time, after eighteen years i admitted to hospital again. this time was Columbia Asia Setapak. but im neither denggi nor got any disease.
I simply having one keloid growing on my left ear.
I went thru an operation under general anesthesia(全身麻醉). sound so serious omg! but actually just cut off the stupid keloid on my little ear.
Well, the first time got friends visited me in the wad. errr, i know is sound kinda wrong but just glad that they came la. hahaha! watching too many drama that always imagine if one day if i really admitted to hospital, is there anyone except my family will come to visit me? hahahahaha….
but u can call me noob because im expecting people to come without telling people what’s im going on. hahahahaha!
yea, so thats why there are people scolding me that i hide something from them. dont angry la people~~ *muacks*

and thats it.. i stay in the hospital during cny. ew, so wrong. People that knew bout it keep nagging me to see doctor and the keloid growing bigger. so i just went. at first the doc told me that keloid cant be cure and have to inject steroid which will cause side effect. and here my cute mom had a such big respond who then avoid me to go outdoor go anyway out of her sight.i feel so not ok with it. wth, i have to go korea so soon and u ask me to not going because of the little ear and she dont even know wat kinda effect will having on me and the thing is i dun even had the injection! i know she worry bout me but i just dun like the expression she showed it on me and i know she is just over worry everything.

never mind, i should already used to them as their logic is based on their theory. i got no right to say anything. because once i speak out they will give face to me.

ok back to the story. at the night after i had the operation. friends came with flowers with food with jokes.. hahaha! feels good. appreciate all of these. but when u talking with friends and your parents here.. my mom will join the group and giving advices. hmmm….i dont really like the vibes. hahahaha! this is where she forbid me to go anywhere and heres the silent came into the group. hurray!

lets talk about the food in the hospital. i remember when i came out from the operating room to the wad. there are people keep come in and out asking me what i wanna have for my lunch, dinner and the breakfast and lunch for the next day. I was so blur as i was just woke and without my glasses to put on i dun really know what they are talking. in my mind i just asked myself not to eat chicken n fish. so i ordered everything with only veggie. the taste? hmmm…. okla. din expect to be good. hahahahaha!

The day i discharged, because is during CNY there is lion dance in the hospital!!! aw!!!! for years i never see lion dance and i love lion dance since small!! im so excited like a child keep chasing the lion.hahahahahaha! but boo… din really c them dancing la as in im busying checking out.

and eventually, i din get any injection and yes, my korea plan going on as usual! yay!!

*pray pray pray* my keloid please dun grow back!!



今年大年除夕 我的生辰


原來… 人長越大 生日真的其實也沒什麽大不了
不用期待情人怎樣幫我慶祝, 朋友的新年回鄉下什麽的所以自然不用去想。
今年還多了個外婆! 也剛巧阿姨表哥表嫂也在所以順便。哈哈哈!!
也算個特別的啦! 我開心! =D

他是sally, 但又是個黃皮小鴨!
Sally雖説是小雞 但我也喜歡小鴨 所以我無所謂 他還是很可愛! 哈哈哈!
(雖然本意是要弄個sally, 可能蛋糕師不懂誰是sally誤以爲是小鴨)



而今年也比較特別? 就也許我沒去想太多吧。

第一炮 原意是純粹去吃個火鍋
而時間也未必太早了吧! 月頭而已耶~ 誰回去想啊?
所以就在吃飽后 聊了一下天突然整個餐廳燈関掉了 漆黑一片的。
當時我的心實在想 : 哇, 什麽事? 停電嗎? 不可能..廚房燈還亮。 那定是誰生日了! 蛋糕會從哪裏出來? 是哪一座的呢?

我就知道什麽事了! 哈哈!! 我真的很想笑我自己同時也他們是給我的一個大驚喜!

第二炮 顧名思義去夜店
也因爲清醒所以感覺怪怪 哈哈哈 太爛了
我知道在裏面舉手擧到好累好累 第二天來個肌肉痛 什麽東西?!?! “put your hands up….”

第三炮 沒有第三炮啦 哈哈哈哈!
不錯不錯! 只要胃不穿就好。

雖然我一直叫他們不用買, 他們煩了我好久就讓他們買了個音響給我。
一直猶豫買不買的我就讓他們決定幫我買啦。 哈哈哈哈 謝謝你們!!

謝謝你們的祝福! 讓我平時不大響的電話突然忙了起來
也讓我沒什麽大信息的手指們 當天很努力地恢復每一位的祝福



ouch! my butt is pain my waist is pain my legs are pain T____T  (p/s: muscle pain……..)

im glad that my 2015 started with awesome event with awesome people.
errr…. is not really that awesome but yea, AWESOME.

i started my first marathon in 2013 with standard chartered 10km,
and then keep participated in some 10km run, 9km trail run, 5km night run,
even usually playing basketball, badminton or jogging every week with gangs..
sounds so healthy but this doesnt keep on going that long
until this year like im back to track after 1 year not playing any games or doing any exercise.
(because someone not here n someone not free n someone never organise? oops… :x)

my stamina ofcz drop from normal to low and now keep going ok…
thank that someone keep motivate me to RUN n RUN n RUN! omg… im so tired!
for two months from the beginning of 2015 i had ran two marathons – 100plus race against machine & AMBank KL City Run
keep on RUNNING~~~~ but next month unknown. hahahaha! i run with budget! ^^”

there is healthy life, there also a not very healthy life. but i love it.

i found a group that drinks.
thanks to them, i can drink whenever moods come.
the point is, i trust them.
as in my limit is not that high so that i make sure whoever i drink with can take a very very good care of me when im not ok.
obviously yea, they were.
i was throwing out for 1 and half hour non stop at the table.
sorry to them that have clean my shit. hahahahaha!

yes, u read it correctly.. im throwing out for 1 and a half hour.
at the time, im still sane but just very hard for me to talk n open my eyes. and actually i cant even life up my head.
WHY? why we get to know some awesome mat salleh when im that awkward moment?!?!?!?
omgggggg! so embarrassing!!!!
but those mat salleh helping to comfort me. errr just keep on swiping my back … ^^”
aiyer… but actually i hav no idea who is swiping atm til they told me the other day. xD


so i will anti alcohol ever? naaahhhh…..
the moment i throwing out i felt terrible but no, i will still drink! hahaha!
forgive me this alcoholic..=D

i appreciate all these moments.
thanks that letting me having some life!!
please feel free to date me! as in im leaving ….. soon?